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“Take Pride In Your Health” At Meditism Health & Wellness Clinic we serve the unique medical needs of our LGBTQ community. Our LGBTQ community, and those patients in between often have significant distrust of the medical community - the result of an inability of providers to relate to or understand them, the fear of being judged, and in the worst cases, outright discrimination.

At Meditism Clinic, we understand there are infinite genders, and we care for patients of all genders and sexualities. Our approach is rooted in evidence-based medicine, as well as integrative and functional approach to medicine, offered in a setting of open acceptance.

Our goal is to create a clinic where you feel safe, celebrated, and healthy. We believe that compassion begins with self-identity, and we strive to provide the holistic, personalized, and empowering care that our LBGTQ community deserves.

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